To Father a Nation

By Farrukh Dhondy

To Father A Nation presents a story based on the political journey of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the founder of Bangladesh, who is little known in mainstream British culture, even though David Frost had once described him as ‘very charismatic’.

After the partition of the subcontinent, which involves the division of Bengal, a nation with a proud history language and culture, the play follows the fortunes and dramatizes the perspectives of the politics of the Indian sub-continent. Mujib becomes the leading politician of the leading party in Pakistan and his opinions sow the seeds of a progressive, modern and prosperous Pakistan. The politics of the subsequent election in 1970 bring Mujib’s Party a majority in the Pakistani legislature and he is constitutionally the heir to the Premiership. Old and deep prejudices come into play. The intractability of the nations and cultures of Bengal and those of West Pakistan take centre stage in the drama and wars that follow.

The Bengali nation lovingly calls him Bangabondhu (Friend of Bengal).

Directed by Mukul Ahmed
Design by Christianna Mason
Lighting design – Paul Micah
Sound – Tarun Jasani
Stage Manager- Upasana Kadam
Videography and Still Images -Tarun Jasani
Publicity material – Mong Mong Sho
Producer – Delwar Hossain Dilu

Bengal – Tania Rodrigues
Bashira – Chandni Mistry
Colonel Saif – Rez Kabir
Colonel Sen and General– Diljohn Sidhu

Voice over – Rez Kabir and Tania Rodrigues
Vocalist – Sadia Chowdhury

Video clip :

We thank Arts Council England for supporting this project.