Bodies - Featured image


Written by: Raminder Kaur
A snap from “Bodies” performance.


Filmed Theatre from Sohaya Visions and Mukul & Ghetto Tigers

An experimental show – combines tragedy with comedy, ancient with contemporary stories about dilemmas of the body, mind & cancer experiences.

Free Online Screenings:

7.00-8.30pm Sept 1st-19th 2021

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‘A powerful and sensitive play that takes you inside their experiences and yet leave you with an uplifting smile’ (Theatre review, World Visuals and Beyond…)


Rez Kabir – Arjun
Joey Parsad – Meena & Rita
Anisa Butt – Nurse
Debbie White – Ruby
Nadia Wahhab – Mother
Jas Steven Singh – Sunil
Shivani Sethia – Miss Uddin & Disco Diva Rita
Subhaluxmi Mukherji – Tina & Dancer
Delwar Hossain Dilu – Muse
Sadia Afroz Chowdhury – Vocalist & Dancer


Raminder Kaur – Writer
Mukul Ahmed – Director
Paul Micah – Lighting Designer
Christianna Mason – Designer
Tarun Jasani – Musical Director &Filmmaker
Sol Carroll – Filmmaker & Editor (2021)
Poppy Bennet and Raminder Kaur – Videography
David Dawes – Photography (2018)
Isobel Norris – Stage Manager
Lisa Goldman – Script Consultant
Poppy Bennett & Rebecca Dorkins – Publicity
SNOW – Graphic Design