Maanusher Gaan (Songs of Humanity)

Directed by Mukul Ahmed

A cross-cultural, multi-faith and multi-lingual performance of the songs of
the Bengali composer, humanist and revolutionary and Bangladesh’s
national poet, Kazi Nazrul Islam, widely known as Nazrul; regarded as an
icon of Bengali culture. Widely celebrated as an epitome of religious
tolerance, he was also accused of heresy during his lifetime and after his
death. In his songs, Nazrul envisioned a society where all religions and
beliefs would stay in harmony.

Design – Achol
Linghting Designer – Paul Micah
Installation – Nihadi Molly
Stage Manager – Upasana Kadam
Music arrangements by Tarun Jasani and Matthew Roddy
Choreography – Arunima Kumar

Vocalist for ‘Mama madhuro minati’ and ‘Rum jhum ruma jhuma’ – Farzana Sifat.

Vocalists – Delwar Hossain Dilu, Farzana Sifat, Sadia Afrin Chowdhury, Mahamaya Shil, Nadia Wahhab, Sunayan Chowdhury, Tanusree Guha

Musicians – Ustad Yousuf Ali Khan, Julia Stone, Kartik Raghunathan, Prathap Ramachandran

Dancers – Arunima Kumar, Senjuti Das, Sonia Chanderia Tilu

Recitation – Rez Kabir

Event presenter – Rez Kabir and Sajia Afrin

Volunteers – Syeda Tasmia, Syeda Tasnia

Publicity and Marketing assistant – Ananya Wilson

Publicity material and graphics – Mong Mong Sho

Videography and still images – Tarun Jasani