Performance on Mon, 31st May 2021, 19:00-20:30
“Kama Sci-Fi” is an online filmed theatre event with FREE admission. Booking is required. Suitable for ages 10+
For booking, please follow https://bit.ly/33WgDnw


An Indian devadasi – an expert in the 64 arts of the Kama Sutra – inadvertently becomes a time-traveller. On her journeys, she meets the most unlikely people from England in Khajuraho, India. There begins this comic caper with a nasty sting in the tale.

Kama Sci-Fi takes you on a ride with young lovers in ancient, present and future eras to develop a more holistic understanding of union.

Get set to imagine and encounter human relations in ways you had never thought before.

 KAMA SCI-FI					   -   filmed theatre, free online screening image

The performance is in English with decorative use of a handful of Hindi/Sanskrit terms such as hastini (elephant woman), mantra (sacred utterance), mandala (geometric symbols), yoni (female sexuality/spirituality), linga (phallus), jogati patta (four pots), dupatta (scarf), ferengi (foreigner), dharma (path of rightness), artha (purpose), jaghana (pubic region), chit (pure consciousness) and Bharat (India).

Yellama is a goddess honoured as the ‘Mother of the Universe’.

Shiva is one of the principle deities of Hinduism, the ‘Lord of Time’ and has many other names such as Mahakaal, Trilokesha.

Written by: Raminder Kaur

Directed by: Mukul Ahmed


Arunima Kumar – Chandra
Dave Kukadia – Gati and Aditya
Anisa Butt – Eshita
Laboni Barua – Srishti
Suzanne Kendall – Reema
Set and Costume Designer – Erica Greenshields
Lighting Designer – Paul Micah
Choreography – Arunima Kumar
Music Composer – Paul Micah
Stage Manager – Isabella Brain and Delwar Hossain Dilu
Voice and Speech – Rez Kabir
Filmmaker and Editor – Catherine Donaldson
Publicity and Screening Support – Giulia Grassilli
Photography – Shahadat Hossain and Rez Kabir
Graphic Design – SNOW

This is a R&D performance published online.

Further updates are on twitter.com/SohayaV

Supported by Arts Council National Lottery Project Grant, Crawley Borough Council, Tower Hamlets Council, Brady Arts Centre, Wordfest, Tamarind Theatre, Inward Arts, Nari Chetona, and the University of Sussex Asia Centre.