Kadam – Stepping into the future

An immersive experience of Indian classical dance!

Presented by : Mukul and Ghetto Tigers.

Mukul and Ghetto Tigers presents Kadam, a unique
melting pot of Indian classical dance with South Asian and
western music. Experience the exuberance of Ravel’s
Bolero with Kathak, and the confluence of folk with
Kuchiudi. The very contrasting elements of music and
dance blend in and out in perfect harmony. A journey to
celebrate collaborative disciplines and the oneness of
music across the border.

Concept and Artistic Director – Mukul Ahmed
Executive Producer – Rez Kabir
Design – Jadoo
Stage Manager – Subhaluxmi Mukerji
Lighting Design – Paul Micah
Still images and Videography – Juan Carlos Orihuela
Publicity image – Nasir Khan Saikat
Publicity material design – Mohammad Imran
Marketing – Saiful Mithu
Volunteers – Nihadi Molly and Nasreen Akhter Shilpee

‘Bolero’ – Shivani Sethia
Music arrangement:
Roddy Matthews
Percussion – Pratap Ramachandra
Flute – Jonathan Lawrence
Dancers – Seema Patel, Saloni Sharaf and Trishna Kumari

‘Now You’re Gone’ and ‘The Rebel’ – Arunima Kumar
Music credits for ‘Now you’re Gone (Amay Bhashailire)’ – Zoe Rahman and Idris Rahman
‘The Rebel’ – Rez Kabir and Sumana Bhattacharya. ‘Now you’re Gone’ – Subhaluxmi Mukherji
Dancers – Arunima Kumar, Mathangi Keshavan and Shivanee Aggarwal
Live music:
Vocals – Sadia Chowdhury and Farzana Sifat
Sarod – Ustad Shahadat Hossain Khan
Tabla – Ustad Yousuf Ali Khan
Sarangi – Ustad Surajeet Singh Aulakh
Tanpura – Ananya Chowdhury

We thank Arts Council England for their generous support.

We thank Zoe Rahman and Idris Rahman for their kind
permission to use ‘Now You’re Gone’