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Notice Date : 27th Oct 2016
Oscar and the lady in pink coming soon

Notice Date : 6th Oct 2016.
Our next production is “Misti Gals”

Notice date : 1st Oct 2016
Our next production to entertain you is “Silent Sisters” :

Our next production is “Omrao Jaan”.




The Ramayan – A War Game
At WOMAD FESTIVAL 2015 24-26 July, Charlton Park, Mulmesbury
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The Ramayan – A War Game Transcultural Theatre Performance Scripted by Rez Kabir from Michael Madhusudan Dutt edition, translated by William Radice and Clinton Seally. Incorporating Saymon Zakaria’s introduction. Directed by Mukul Ahmed Cast: Rez Kabir and Tanusree Guha. Vocal – Tanusree Guha Live music – Milon Biswas and Robin Islam. Two Headed Bird and Little Red Story-telling Circle by Rez kabir. Accompanied by Tanusree Guha, Milon Biswas and Robin Islam. Bengali Folk Music – Bengal Beauty and Beats Tanusree Guha and Milon Biswas. Percussions by Robin Islam. Supported by Sussex University